Angela Merkel

On 24 May 2019 at the “Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence”: Chancellor Angela Merkel attended and Johannes Atze, Managing Director of CAT PRODUCTION Munich, was also there.

Dr. Elisabeth Jensen explains to the Chancellor and the Bavarian Prime Minister one of the two modules of the research project, of the “1st Lighthouse project Geriatronics” in Bavaria, in which CAT PRODUCTION is also involved.

You could see it: Dr. Angela Merkel felt more than comfortable on 24 May 2019 in the institute of the “Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence“, MSRM for short. Together with Dr. Söder and the Bavarian Minister for Digital, Judith Gerlach, she let the founding director Prof. Sami Haddadin, accompanied by the president of the Technical University of Munich, Prof. Hermann, explain the current state of development among the individual research teams of the “1st Lighthouse project Geriatronics” Bavaria.

On the sidelines of the event: Johannes Atze, CAT PRODUCTION Munich, in exchange with Prof. Heckel, Head of the German Museum and a member of the research group

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The CAT PRODUCTION team in Munich.