Programm Partner at the Munich Creative Business Week

CAT PRODUCTION GmbH is a program partner at the Munich Creative Business Week:

March 12th 15:30 pm to 16:30 pm – German language
March 12th 16:45 pm to 17:45 pm – English language

On the Topic Area „Future of Health” CAT PRODUCTION GmbH is showing new solutions to communicate medicine visually. A 3D-Model of the human anatomy is the basis to explain plain and easy even the most difficult things happening in the human body. Presented by CAT PRODUCTION’s label CAT MEDIC, experience medicine in new and exciting ways.

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Corona Animations for the National Health Portal

The Federal Ministry of Health Germany launched the National Health Portal on September 1st: with there is finally a portal through which anyone can obtain reliable health and wellness information prepared for nondoctors, from a source other than Google. One of the main topics is corona, for which CAT PRODUCTION GmbH has produced impressive animations in 3D and in the form of a 360 degree panorama:

This article utilized the new Scrollytelling format, which was previously used primarily by the online portal of the New York Times and several Apple clips. The combination of Scrollytelling and embedded 360 degree videos is new for the Health Portal. Here is a screenshot from the corona animations.

corona animation cat medic

Corona explained – visual for all media

Corona explained. Just a few days ago, nobody could imagine what challenges we would have to face in the context of the corona pandemic. Politicians had to react quickly because a dangerously large part of the population, but also professional groups, did not adequately deal with this situation. In many telephone and video conferences called at short notice, we consulted with our partners from development houses, clinics and universities to find out which forms of modern and sustainable information are necessary in order to be able to briefly and concisely, but above all visually, inform everyone about their usual channels. In this way, a project was designed at short notice that can be realized in a very short time with a manageable budget. With convincing pictures and animations, it is shown how the virus can reach each of us, where it docks in the body and which situation-related measures are necessary so that it does not reach us. Since an infection only becomes noticeable days later, everyone has to behave as if they were infected so that unwittingly infected people do not constantly contaminate their surroundings without being noticed.

HERE is the link to download the Corona explained project

Please take a look at this project documentation. We would be happy if you not only support the project, but also use it in your own environment. You can also contribute to the success of the project by forwarding the link to this news to your networks.

HERE is the link to download the Corona explained project

Let’s work together to make the coronavirus history soon.
Best regards – and stay healthy.
Your Johannes Atze

Dipl. Computer scientist Johannes PG Atze
Kistlerhofstraße 168
81379 Munich
Tel: +49 89 74 89 62 – 17
Mobile: +49 172 830 2600

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International online magazine interviewed Managing Director Johannes Atze from CAT PRODUCTION

CAT PRODUCTION and CAT MEDIC from Munich recreate human anatomy in 3D and invite consumers to take a journey through their “own” body with VR glasses and other media.
You can find the interview with Managing Director Johannes Atze in the following article by • Virtual Reality

LINK about the interview in the online magazine VIRTUAL REALITY here:

Munich • Kistlerhofstr. 168


Angela Merkel

On 24 May 2019 at the “Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence”: Chancellor Angela Merkel attended and Johannes Atze, Managing Director of CAT PRODUCTION Munich, was also there.

Dr. Elisabeth Jensen explains to the Chancellor and the Bavarian Prime Minister one of the two modules of the research project, of the “1st Lighthouse project Geriatronics” in Bavaria, in which CAT PRODUCTION is also involved.

You could see it: Dr. Angela Merkel felt more than comfortable on 24 May 2019 in the institute of the “Munich School of Robotics and Machine Intelligence“, MSRM for short. Together with Dr. Söder and the Bavarian Minister for Digital, Judith Gerlach, she let the founding director Prof. Sami Haddadin, accompanied by the president of the Technical University of Munich, Prof. Hermann, explain the current state of development among the individual research teams of the “1st Lighthouse project Geriatronics” Bavaria.

On the sidelines of the event: Johannes Atze, CAT PRODUCTION Munich, in exchange with Prof. Heckel, Head of the German Museum and a member of the research group

We would be happy to provide you with further information about the research project as well as our services and products. Register easily. Thank you very much.
The CAT PRODUCTION team in Munich.

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The topic
What does the Bavarian State Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Forestry have to do with medicine?

Much more than many realize.
The Ministry maintains a competence center for nutrition with KErn. Since nutrition is not only about quality, but also about the implementation in the body, the topic of KErn spans from nutrition to regular physical activity. There is a lot of talk and writing about this. Statistics show, however, that this topic has apparently not yet fallen on fertile ground with the public.

KErn has recognized this and is taking a progressive, contemporary path at the next events, such as the “Nutrition Days”. Together with CAT PRODUCTION GmbH from Munich, a digital, interactive 360-degree journey to the most important organs of the body was created. In a nutshell, but with a lot of visual impressions, VR glasses and an app explain the advantages of getting out of breath from time to time.

KErn selection room 360-degree panorama

If you don’t have your own VR glasses at home, you can also upgrade your cell phone to a VR device with little effort. An option of the app in combination with Google Cardboard makes it possible to view “its” organs from a completely different perspective.

Invitation to the event “Nutrition Days”
This 360-degree journey through the body will be presented for the first time at a press conference, organized by KErn on 4 June 2019 in the rooms of the MedienNetzwerk Bayern, in Rosenheimer Str. 145e in Munich.
There you will find out firsthand from KErn, the team of CAT PRODUCTION GmbH and from the team of software developer VRdirect, how easy it has now become to implement such applications.

Contact for registration and press inquiries: Stefanie Seidl | Press Office Nutrition Days 2019 |
| 089 8091317-40 Registration deadline is Thursday, 30 May 2019.
You can find more information on “Nutrition Days” via this link: HERE.

We look forward to your visit and to a constructive discussion together.

Best regards, Johannes PG Atze

The digital anatomy display

New and up to date: the digital anatomy display – project partners wanted.

The anatomical display in the form of printed posters should already be a thing of the past. The digital, interactive display is modern and leaves nothing to be desired in terms of depth of information and anatomical representation. CAT PRODUCTION / CAT MEDIC has now developed a prototype. Johannes Atze, Managing Director of CAT PRODUCTION, presents this innovative digital display in this video.

Digital anatomy display – brand new

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A first prototype for this will soon be available for large-format monitors, desktop workstations and mobile devices.
We are looking for project partners who will use our solution in practice so that we can use your experience to develop a contemporary and practice-oriented medium for a new form of doctor / patient communication, but also for a new way of training.
Please come to us and let us discuss the details. Your Johannes Atze

Johannes Atze from CAT PRODUCTION presents the new digital display

You can find more information and videos HERE on our YouTube Channel.
The CAT PRODUCTION / CAT MEDIC team contact:

Medical picture library current

The wait is almost over. You will soon be able to download around 2,000 images in 4k resolution from our medical content library with medical visualizations. Thus the idea of a medical image library has developed into a powerful portal after less than 3/4 of a year.

Medical Image Library: The license agreement
The license agreement required for use will be sent to all interested parties shortly. Please do not forget: The first 100 licensees have the opportunity to access the content of the database free of charge for the first 6 months – startups even for 12 months! So, register and use the medical visualizations of CAT MEDIC for better results in your medical projects.

For more information about our medical image library and image database, here is the video with Johannes Atze, Managing Director of CAT PRODUCTION and CAT MEDIC in Munich.


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With CAT MEDIC and medical visualizations, CAT PRODUCTION has been active internationally in this market segment for several years. In addition, CAT MEDIC is actively involved in various research projects and provides medically correct visualizations, 3D animations and virtual reality implementations for surgical and medical operations and procedures.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information. We look forward to welcoming you to our team.


+49 89 748962-0

Medical image database

CAT MEDIC presents the current medical image database project: “CAT MEDIC – license library with medical visualizations”.

Medical image database

Johannes Atze, Managing Director of CAT PRODUCTION and CAT MEDIC, explains in the video the advantages and benefits for users of the CAT MEDIC medical image database.


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CAT MEDIC and Johannes Atze at the Media Days in Munich from 24 to 26 October 2018.

Here you can meet us at the Media Days in Munich:

. As an exhibitor at Rockets & Unicorns, the innovation area of the Media Lab Munich.
. On Wednesday, 24 October, from 6 p.m. at the aftershow party in the expo area.
. On Thursday, 25 October, at 12 p.m. with Johannes Atze as speaker on the “Innovation Stage” on the topic “With 3D anatomy into the future of medicine”.
. On Friday, 26 October, from 2:15 p.m. as part of the “Rocking Science Journalism” project, we will be showing our new project “CAT MEDIC – license library with medical visualizations”. Location: Innovation Stage.
CAT MEDIC and Johannes Atze look forward to meeting you.

We are happy to provide you with further information.

Medical animation

virtual training simulator

The HIPS project

3D Medical Animation and Scientific Media. The goal of the HIPS-project is to create a virtual training simulator for one of the most difficult steps during a hip operation: the reaming of the hip socket before a new implant can be inserted. The idea for this project was born at the University of Chemnitz in Germany.


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Medical animation and virtual training simulator

Trying this step out, including haptic feedback, before the actual operation can be considered an important step during the planning phase before the actual intervention.
And it can be a milestone during the training of surgery students.

With the new system we can simulate the removal of bone material during the reaming in realtime, and students will actually be able to feel this during their training sessions. This which is very important especially during this step of the procedure. Statement Johannes P.G. Atze, CEO I CAT PRODUCTION and CAT MEDIC.

medical animation CAT PRODUCTION Germany

Johannes P.G. Atze and Mario Lorenz at the University of Chemnitz/germany

Please contact us for more information about this project and our animation works.