Medical animation

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The HIPS project

3D Medical Animation and Scientific Media. The goal of the HIPS-project is to create a virtual training simulator for one of the most difficult steps during a hip operation: the reaming of the hip socket before a new implant can be inserted. The idea for this project was born at the University of Chemnitz in Germany.

Medical animation and virtual training simulator

Trying this step out, including haptic feedback, before the actual operation can be considered an important step during the planning phase before the actual intervention.
And it can be a milestone during the training of surgery students.

With the new system we can simulate the removal of bone material during the reaming in realtime, and students will actually be able to feel this during their training sessions. This which is very important especially during this step of the procedure. Statement Johannes P.G. Atze, CEO I CAT PRODUCTION and CAT MEDIC.

medical animation CAT PRODUCTION Germany

Johannes P.G. Atze and Mario Lorenz at the University of Chemnitz/germany

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Hip prosthesis inside the patient

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